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Welcome to our website. Watch for additions and changes. News items, opinions, and recommendations are added frequently.

We are often asked what we "do."  We help business enterprises succeed! We help them grow locally as well as globally during economically difficult as well as good times. We help determine the commercial viability of products and services, then find the best route to the marketplace. We help find suitable OEM manufacturing and marketing partners for targeted customer locations. We help find the lowest cost quality sources for specialty chemical intermediates and toll blending. We often serve on boards and advisory boards of directors. We provide c-level seminars and tutorials on new trends and technologies and their accompanying opportunities, such as IoT and IoM. We solve problems for enterprises. We generally operate on a retainer or fee for service basis. We limit our client base to provide maximum targeted results, short term as well as long term.

Weiner International Associates is a unique 32-year old consultancy serving the electronic interconnect and packaging industries' complete supply chain including the photovoltaic, printed electronics, display, printed circuit, semiconductor fabrication, and contract assembly industries, as well as their supply chain of chemical, material, and equipment entities.

Our Associates are all well-noted successful accomplished business and technical executives and managers.

Services include:

  • strategic and tactical planning
  • overseas distributor/representative selection
  • keynote speaker at company meetings
  • expert witness
  • boards of directors and business advisory boards
  • business plan development
  • acquisitions and divestitures
  • private sourcing
  • project management
  • training programs
  • corporate policies
  • due diligence
  • international and worldwide networking
  • joint ventures
  • overseas manufacturing
  • technology assessments
  • commercial viability determinations
  • cost reduction
  • confidential corporate matters
  • custom reviews, surveys, and reports from overseas trade shows including the Productronica, CPCA, HKPCA, NEPCON China (Shanghai amd Shenzhen), Semicon Shanghai, and JPCA events.

Activities are geared to identify and seize new opportunities, expand market boundaries, globalize and localize business, lower manufacturing costs, expand spheres of influence, and improve individual and corporate performance.

The "About Us" page posts news about Weiner and his Associates.

"Weiner's World" features the opinions of Weiner, his Associates, and guest authors as well as news items that may not yet have appeared elsewhere in print. Some may never be published elsewhere. Many of the items will be obtained from primary sources and interviews, observations. The most recent entry will be at the top of the page.

The "Discussions & Comments" page posts comments from our readers - often in response to items posted on "Weiner's World".

"Our Associates" presents some of our key colleagues, their broad experiences, and the areas of experise that they bring to bear on our clients' assignments.